Working on the E-commerce Site for Class

  I am going to be making a mock ecommerce site for my Web Development class final project. It consists of two parts: The foundation with HTML and CSS, CSS animations, Bootstrap, etc., and The final project, with some meatier stuff, like JavaScript and jQuery. I started a mockup of a Bootstrap site, which is inspired […]

FCC Front-End Programming Project

So I started the second front-end programming project for Free Code Camp which is the portfolio. I shared a Pen from a former Free Code Camp alum who built an interesting portfolio, which is what Free Code Camp uses as their example, which is high-praise. I had trouble with getting my background image to show. […]

Completed The First Front-End Project

So I finished the first front-end project for Free Code Camp in a couple days. It doesn’t render really well on mobile. I can’t seem to get the button I have at the bottom to do the following with the jQuery I have: $(‘.center_button’).click(function() { $(‘.center_button’).css({ ‘position’ : ‘fixed’, ‘bottom’ : 0, ‘left’ : 0, […]