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100 Days of Code Day 8

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Day 8: 8 October 2016

Today’s Progress: I know I haven’t written about the challenge of late but I have been working tirelessly on this e-commerce site.

Today, though, I had an assignment for CS 0134 that is due on Monday so I spent a little bit working on it.

On the 6th and 7th, I added slick.js jQuery carousel to the e-commerce site. It usually is a simple endeavor, but I had issues with it. I didn’t know where to add the css and js. When I figured that out it still wasn’t working. That was because the files I needed were two directories deep and I was only linking to one directory in.

I fixed that and had to adjust the size of the images in the slider.

I had the slider below the navigation. I went over some of the class material and read that Matt said to keep everything “above the fold” 1. So, I moved the slider to the middle of the page. At the top of the page the slider wasn’t centered properly; there were gaps between images. Once I moved it…looks a whole lot better.

Today I just added a cart font-awesome icon to the navbar and worked primarily on assignment 2.

Thoughts: Things are getting together quite nicely. I am starting to get wound up about it though and so I need to take more of a break. I am Type-A all the way. Once I am heads down and working for a whole week, I find it hard to quit and relax. I need to relax tomorrow so I don’t burn out.

Link to work: I didn’t host the assignment anywhere to actually see it. Update: I posted the code on CodePen. As always, you can find my site at The Lens Cap.

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